About Me

Thank you for visiting my site. I set this up because I found my voice in drawing. And so when I started to show my friends and family what I was creating, I was blown away by the reaction. People wanted to buy it. And people wanted to see more. So here it is.

I will add art to this and will continually have new prints for sale. I will only make 50 of each available for purchase though. And once all 50 are sold, that illustration will no longer be available for purchase.

I hope you enjoy it!

The Story

I have always loved drawing although I could not find my style. It was in 2020 that I really started to do this seriously. It really was an awful year. And while I was stuck at home, I really needed an outlet. Something to keep me calm and keep my mind busy.

I find drawing complex or busy scenes to be the most rewarding. It’s like cleaning up a mess for me, while not actually having to clean. It sorts things out in my mind and organizes my thoughts. I spend a lot of time on the details in my illustrations.

Ainslie Koopmans

Ainslie Koopmans


I’m based in Kelowna, BC Canada. I work for Automattic (hence my amazing WordPress site) and have some kids, dogs, and a husband.

The Process

I use the same tools for every illustration. I start by blocking it out with pencil. I lightly draw in basic shapes to show where I am going to put things. I then use a uniball pen to draw in the objects. The Uniball vision pen fine is for larger outlines and then the Uniball Vision Pen Micro is for smaller details.

Once the image is complete, I use black India Ink to add shading. I have two bottles of India Ink diluted with more and less water for darker or lighter shading.

Once the image is shaded, I use watercolour paints to add the colour. I try to pick a palette for each image and keep it to a handful of different colours. When there are too many colours used, it looks busy and distracting.

The Process