Living Room Corner

I saw this photo online and I had to draw it. I am drawn (pun intented) to dark and cozy spaces. In real life, I prefer to be in a light, airy, and almost empty room. But for drawing, I love darker, cluttered spaces.

Tiny House

A part of me wants to buy a tiny house and live there. But I always wonder where people put their clothes and shoes? It’s not that I have so many clothes (or shoes, for that matter), but I do have enough that it would take up all of my storage. So maybe, I’ll just […]

Black and White House

I have a thing about houses with verandas and porches.

Garden Party

I wanted some colour. Something bright, fun, and festive. It’s been a long summer and a long year so far. And I think I just needed something a little brighter today.

Willow Row Farm

This is my friend Angela’s farm cart. It’s been many years since I saw her but she posted recently on FB a photo of this cart (below). I loved it so much I absolutely stopped what I was doing at the time and starting drawing it. Sometimes images just jump out at me and I […]

Barn Owl Brewing Co

This is near my house and always has a lineup. It’s a pretty cool place actually. The bakery on the left is called “It’s a Bakery”. lol. And then there’s Barn Owl Brewing.

My Neighbour

My neighbour invited me and my family over to use her pool while she was out for the day. We had such a great time. What a wonderful and kind thing to do. So I drew her house to give as a gift to say thank you. She really is a wonderful neighbour.

Tea Shop

I wanted to see if I could get something to look older and worn out, using pen. And then I ripped the page. lol. So I guess that helps to make it look old? Oh well. I still like it.


I had a tough time with this one. I kind of lost interest in drawing it. But I kept going with it, treating much like many people do with books: once they start a book, they have to finish it. Meh, I don’t know. I like it. But I can put down books, so maybe […]


Downstairs was cooler in my house today, so I decided to draw my husband’s turntables. This is complete with ET in the corner and a Justin Bua print.

Postill Lake Lodge

This is the view from our cabin porch. Cabin 1. I spent a lot of time on that porch. So drawing this was an obvious choice.

The Cabin Kitchen

This is our kitchen at Postill Lake Lodge. We didn’t have a fridge, so we had our cooler right there, next to the stove. You can see Kornel’s truck right out the window too.

Canoes at Postill Lake Lodge

We just got back from a trip to Postill Lake Lodge. Across from my cabin porch, there were these 6 boats sitting on the beach. I sat, drinking my coffee, staring at them on the first morning. On the second morning, I grabbed my sketchbook. I am glad I did too, because about an hour […]


I loved the coziness of this room. I wanted something a bit rustic and warm and I think this one achieved that.  materials: pen, India ink, watercolour I wasn’t sure if I was going to colour this one because I loved how it looked in grayscale. But I wanted to try the rug in colour […]

Country Living Room

When I see a room with lots of details, like on a rug, or cushion, or curtains, I always feel a little overwhelmed at first. But I’ve found that just giving a hint of the shapes and colours and not trying to copy all the details has a much cooler effect. materials: pen, India ink, watercolour, […]

Volkswagen Bug

I loved these cars when i was younger. I wanted one so badly. They have such a distinctive sound and smell even. I had to draw one 🙂


My friend Dean posted a photo of his new motorcycle, and I was inspired. I wanted to draw it. Mostly, I wanted to figure out how to add different light sources and even textures with a mainly black or dark colour palette. I like how this turned out.

A Living Room

I saw a photo of this room and wanted to draw it. I had to make some choices though because there were some elements in this room that just wouldn’t work… like a fire in the fireplace. I have to figure that out. I didn’t like the look of the fire though. Also there was […]

A Kitchen

I liked the look of this one in black and white, but decided to try a basic inkwash and watercolour glaze. I really like how it came out. I am learning that the trick to this is having a limited colour palate.

Kettle Valley

This is where we live. The village of Kettle Valley. My sons both went to daycare right there, at Little Owl. And I’ve spent many hours in that coffee shop on the corner. This is home.

St. Basil Cathedral

I wanted to draw this because it’s so beautiful and ornate. I got new paints – gouache. And I needed something colourful so I could test them out. I almost stopped after shading this, but it’s really the colours that makes this building so recognizable and striking.

My House

Of course I had to draw our house. Normally, I like the strong outline on everything, but I liked the softness of the clouds here. So I left them as is.


This is where we go for tacos. YUM. I love this place. This spot is famous for that tree in the back. Did I mention the tacos? So so good.

Don and Ev’s

This means something to me. This is my childhood. My great Uncle Don and Aunt Ev’s back porch. I ran through that squeaky screen door a hundred times a day in the summer when I was a kid. Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

The Cottage

This is my favourite drawing. I don’t know why. I just love this one. I found this cool photo of a wonky cabin and had to draw it. Sometimes drawings are more inspired. This was a fun one.

The Diner

I have always wanted a jukebox. And I love old diners. Last summer I went to a diner in Nova Scotia that featured a lot of dishes made with spam. This diner was not fun and retro. It was just old. But very good. Home cooked. I didn’t order spam. This one is inspired from […]

Green House

I wanted to practice more complicated houses. So I found this one online with lots of greenery and different surfaces. I was excited to try drawing stone pillars. I also love porches. I have a thing for porches. So this house was a good find to draw.

The Blue House

When I was in university in Victoria, I lived in this house for a while called “The Blue House”. It was old and full of people at all times. It was a lot of fun. This house reminds me of the Blue House, just way nicer!!

The Camper

I wanted to try watercolour paints combined with pencil crayons. So I needed some vibrant colours. I like the effect of using both paints and pencil crayon. It gives it a very full and dense colour. You just have to make sure you’ve got some thick paper.

Corner Shops

This was a practice of a few things. Mostly I wanted to paint a realistic (ish) brick wall. I like the colours of the bricks. I love the red in the awning And I like the wash of the concrete. But this drawing is uninspired. And I kind of hate it.

My Office

This is my third drawing, trying out a new technique of drawing with pen, then using an inkwash to shade it and then a watercolour glaze. I had dark paper, that is definitely not made for paint or water (the pages are wrinkled and hard to keep flat). But this is my office. Where I […]

Grandma Laura and Papa’s

This tiny house held a family of 6. This is where my Mom grew up and where I spent many summers of my childhood. I miss this house. I wish I could go inside and see it. One strange memory I have is the smell of the garage, where Papa would be often during the […]

The Kitchen

This is my second drawing, trying out a new technique of drawing with pen, then using an inkwash to shade it and then a watercolour glaze. I had dark paper, that is definitely not made for paint or water (the pages are wrinkled and hard to keep flat). This is my kitchen. It’s not this […]

Still Life

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